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About me

I'm a science communicator with a Masters of Science in Environmental Sustainability, where I specified in Marine and Coastal Environments. My speciality species are sharks.

I have over a decade of expertise in delivering complex environmental topics to the general public. I specialise in non-formal, hands-on approaches to education, which makes workshops more fun, interactive, and memorable.

I have expertise delivering to a wide range of age and professional ranges; from schools to youth groups, teachers for CPD training, to Boards of Directors looking to improve their organisation's environmental objectives and outputs.

Speciality Topics

- Climate Change
- Marine Science
- Shark Spotlight
- Plastic Pollution
- Climate Justice
- Climate Action
- Protecting Biodiversity
- Fast Fashion & Upcycling
- Meaningful Youth Inclusion
- & More!

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Alternatively, if you wish to contact me about a custom or tailored workshop to suit your own needs you can reach me on the contact page.

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Science Communication Events

Check out the gallery below for a slideshow of events where I was a keynote speaker. 
Events include speaking at the European Commission; UNESCO; UNECE; World Economic Forum; Council of Europe; and more.